Below is a list of equipment that you will need to bring with you while participating in specific courses.

Char-Coal Production (Ring Kilns) Two Days

Equipment Required: 

The burn process can continue well into the night/early morning, so warm weatherproof clothing/sleeping bag is essential.

Other equipment to bring; P.P.E. steel toe-cap boots, good quality leather gloves and weatherproof clothing and packed lunch.

Hedge-Laying Course – Two Days

Equipment Required: 

Please bring steel toe-cap boots or leather walking type boots (no wellies please), hardhat with visor or goggles, leather gloves and waterproof clothing.

Spoon Carving Course

All tools provided; Hooked spoon knives, knives, Axe, Draw-knives and small carving chisels. If you have any of these tools please bring them along with you, as well as good LEATHER GLOVES.

Walking Stick Course.

All tools provided. If you have a favourite Knife, Draw-knife or small carving chisels, please bring them along with you and a pair of LEATHER CLOVES.

Wattle Willow Weaving Course.

All tools Supplied, if you have a favourite pair of secateurs or loppers please bring them with you along with wet weather gear, leather cloves and stout footwear (no wellies).