Coppice Silviculture Course (five day course)

This course is designed to give, Forestry Students, Foresters, Woodland managers, Woodland owners and all people with an interest in Broadleaf Woodlands, an opportunity to gain practical experience in Traditional woodland management systems.

The course covers in depth, The health and safety of the site, restoration of coppice (understory) habitats, canopy (light) management, Economic Sustainability, Environmental/Ecological value and the threats from invasive species and diseases.

The course also offers the opportunity for participants to have a go at some of the crafts and skills related to Coppice Management. Some of these skills are also offered as weekend Courses (modules) such as;

Charcoal Production.

Riven Ash Gate Hurdles (see videos).

Wattle Work. (Weaving Hazel).

Project Photos taken by Sasha Bosbeer